A passionate technologist and a lifelong technology learner, Loves distilling complex problems into simpler solutions, looking at the big picture, providing technical direction and experimenting with never programming and shiny frameworks.

He is a teacher-at-heart software engineer who thrives to create books and courses that are simple and straight to the point with real-world examples.

As a Tech-Lead/Full Stack Developer, over his 20+ years of development career, he has held roles such as a Solution Architect, Development Lead, Lead Developer and others, always with a strong inclination toward teaching his fellow techies programming languages, frameworks, and new technologies   

He has been instrumental in delivering high-quality solutions to major clients such as EBRD, Credit Suisse, UBS, Mizuho, Deutsche Bank,Halifax, British Petroleum,British Airways, and Lloyd’s of London, to name a few.

His core competencies lie in not only designing simple architectures for complex business problems and developing the software projects from the ground up but also in providing strategic road maps, cost effective architectures, product designs, and leading teams, mentoring and providing thought leadership.

He has written well-received books and produced video courses on Java, Spring, and Hibernate ecosystem (All About Java 8 Lambdas, Just Spring. Just Hibernate, Just Spring Integration – currently halfway through writing Just Elasticsearch book)